What is an Iluma house?

An Iluma house is, above all, about choosing a well-conceived and well-designed ecofriendly home. It is a house built with the highest quality standards so that you can enjoy comfortable and healthy spaces. It is a new ecological home that is certified Novoclimat and benefits from the Residential Construction Guarantee plan (GCR).

Do the prices shown include the lot?

The price does not include the lot. The price shown only includes the house and its foundations.

What should be added to the price of the house to have the project’s total cost?

You should add the price of the lot, as well as its preparation for construction and related services: tree removal, driveway, excavation, wells and septic systems, electrical connection, landscaping. Taxes (GST, QST) must also be added.

Finally, if you opt for a ready-to-finish home, you also need to calculate the cost of your interior finishes.

Is the foundation included?

The foundation is always included in the price of our houses, whether it is a turnkey or ready-to-finish home.

What is the difference between the ready-to-finish and turnkey price?

Turnkey means that we take care of the entire build from A to Z.

Ready-to-finish means that we build the house up to the drywall and jointing stage.

Therefore, we take care of everything up to that stage: services for the lot, excavation, foundations, framework, roofing and exterior cladding, interior and mechanical division (ventilation, plumbing, electricity). Put simply, we take care of everything that has an impact on the performance, quality and durability of your home. What remains in your hands are the interior finishes such as floor covering, interior doors, moldings, primer and paint, built-in furniture, staircase finishes.

Can I just have the shell of the house built for me?

Yes, for that you would opt for a ready-to-finish home. With this option, we build the shell with all the mechanics (plumbing, ventilation, electricity) as well as the exterior cladding.

To ensure quality and energy performance, we do not offer the so-called “ready-to-use” framework. The mechanics and the exterior cladding have a lot to do with the integrity of the shell and therefore have an impact on the durability and efficiency of the house. That’s why we always want to manage them.

Are the walls pre-engineered walls?

All of our homes are built on site directly, so we don’t use prefabricated walls. It is a choice we carefully made, dictated by experience (we have built with pre-machined walls in the past) and by several criterias that are specific to our company’s philosophy: reduced impact on the lot, quality of the results, use of rigorous techniques and better deadline management, construction by our own teams.

What is the Novoclimat certification?

Novoclimat is a program that promotes the construction of high energy efficiency buildings. Novoclimat contractors are trained and certified, as are the program evaluators who are trained and mandated by Transition Énergie Québec. Each Novoclimat house follows rigorous construction standards. Novoclimat designates a third party evaluator who is independent from your manufacturer, that will inspect, measure and judge the work carried out. The inspection takes place twice during the building process. Novoclimat grants you financial assistance of $2000 to $4000 upon approval.

This certification is a guarantee of quality, comfort and trust. 

What is a passive solar house?

The idea with passive solar energy is to take advantage of the free and phenomenal energy given by the sun to us day after day in order to heat the home. We are not talking about solar panels or technological additions, but more in terms of orientation, high efficiency windows and certain other elements that must be designed with care. Building your home so that it becomes a passive solar habitat allows you to live in a bright and comfortable home all year round and to considerably reduce your energy bill.

Are your house plans for sale?

As we are a contractor first and foremost, we do not sell house plans.

Are your house plans customizable?

Yes! We can make adjustments to the house plans to better suit your lifestyle and needs. The changes can be minor or major. Depending on your needs, your advisor will tell you about the modification packages available. If you would rather have a custom and tailor-made design, we have an in-house design department. Belvedair, the parent company and contractor who designed the Iluma projects, has also been a designer since 2011 of totally tailor-made ecofriendly homes.

Do you have land that allows short-term rentals?

At this time, we do not have any land with zoning by-laws that allow short-term rentals. But this may change so please stay tuned!

Do you have any model homes to visit?

Yes, you can come and visit model homes during our open houses. These take place every month, sometimes in Estrie, sometimes in the Laurentians. Go to the Events page to find out the next dates!

What are the deadlines for building?

A good start is to roughly count two months for planning your project and a minimum of four months for construction.

The time required for a construction varies from one house to another (dimensions, finishes, characteristics…), from one site to another (constraints, access, topography…) and even from one city to another (permit granting deadlines) or from one season to another (meteorological constraints).

Your advisor will be able to give you an estimate during the planning stage, then as you approach the construction phase, you will receive a schedule from your construction project manager as well as regular follow-ups during the process.

Are Iluma homes guaranteed?

Yes, Iluma homes are covered under the Residential Construction Guarantee (GCR) Warranty Plan.

Is it possible to build on our own lot?

Yes, of course!

What regions do you serve?

We serve regions where we have permanent teams and know that we can provide both the quality of service and attention that you expect and deserve. Generally speaking, we cover a perimeter of 1.5 hours from Montreal. If you are not certain if your sector is within this perimeter, please give us a call and an advisor can discuss it directly with you!

Are you a general contractor?

Yes. Iluma is a service created by Belvedair. Belvedair is a general eco-contractor specialized exclusively in green construction and has been in business since 2011. We provide house plans, land, custom designs and eco-constructions.