Iluma invites itself to

In partnership with a developer from the municipality of St-Hippolyte, Iluma offers you a choice of varied properties to dream up your home in the
Hameaux du Boisé and Pure Nature developments.

St-Hippolyte is a thriving natural region, located only 20 minutes from
St-Jérôme and St-Sauveur. 
In this enchanting environment, you can enjoy the abundance of outdoor activities.

Hameaux du Boisé

Hameaux du Boisé is located in the municipality of St-Hippolyte, in a unique place characterized by its peaceful and natural spaces.

This  integrated eco-responsible project provides access to approximately
1 000 000 ft2
 of common land that includes trails, streams, protected areas and rest areas with edible amenities.

Pure Nature

The Pure Nature Domaine, also located in St-Hippolyte, offers beautiful grounds of about 75 000 ft
2 that will allow you to enjoy the beauties of the surrounding nature.

The Pure Nature project includes a protected natural area of nearly
500 000 ft
2 of woodland and watercourses, which will be conserved and minimally landscaped into a park area to benefit the residents of the community.

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Hameaux du Boisé
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Pure Nature
St-Hippolyte QC, J8A 2A7