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A Belvedair signature project

The Iluma project is a concept designed and built by Belvedair. This company, specialized in the field of ecological building, is recognized for being a trailblazer and a leader in residential eco-construction in Québec.

Distinguished designer and developer, builder of the first carbon neutral home in the province, holder of a record score for its LEED-Platinum model home, Belvedair is exclusively dedicated to building ecological homes. Based on solid upstream planning, the company is developing high-quality, sustainable eco-responsible homes that are adapted to the environment and to the needs of each homeowner.

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Benefits of choosing an Iluma home

  • Well-designed, warm and bright living spaces
  • Exceptional comfort thanks to a healthy environment
  • A modern and refined design with quality finishings
  • Eco-friendly, high-quality homes with high energy efficiency
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Sound, sustainable and local materials
  • New, Novoclimat-certified properties
  • Flexibility of customizing floorplans
  • Choice of involvement: a turnkey house from the foundation to the finishes or a house ready to finish by you
  • Design and construction headed by the same team: no surprise, no extra cost!
  • An intimate wooded area, thanks to the preservation of trees

Invest in an eco-friendly home, a smart choice!

  • Novoclimat credit up to $4000 upon purchase of the property
  • Savings on construction costs thanks to an optimized design: a well thought out layout optimizes spaces and reduces the total area while fulfilling the same needs
  • Energy savings up to 60% compared to a standard house from the very first month 
  • Medium and long term maintenance savings
  • Slower depreciation than standard constructions
  • Financial benefits from financial institutions: rebates on purchase up to $2000, 10% discount on home insurance
  • Potential municipal tax credit
  • Faster resale than standard constructions

Architecture inspired by nature. A modern design.

The architecture of Iluma homes features a contemporary style that offers great comfort in the heart of nature. The interior design is definitely modern, while harmonizing with its natural setting. Each home enjoys abundant windows and magnificent, unobstructed views of nature.

Several finishing options are offered so that each home is unique and customized according to the needs and desires of the homeowner.